Wolves back in Czech Republic since april 2014

A hidden camera has captured an image of a wolf crossing a wooded clearing in the Czech Republic, a hundred years after the predator disappeared from the area, it’s been reported.

There have been some signs near the town of Doksy suggesting a wolf may be in the region, Radio Prague reports. But wolves haven’t roamed free in Bohemia since the late 19th Century.

There is probably just one wolf or maybe a pair, says environmental expert Miroslav Kutal. The animal is likely to have strayed into Bohemia from the border regions of Germany and Poland, where the wolf population has been thriving.

But Kutal tells Radio Impuls the conditions in Bohemia - especially in former military zones and in the mountainous border regions - seem to be good for breeding. This is something to be encouraged, he adds, since wolves can regulate the deer population and draw tourists to the area. But the arrival of poachers could become a concern.


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European wolf (Canis lupus lupus) at Blijdorp zoo Rotterdam

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Great plains wolf (Canis lupus nubilus)

Also known as the buffalo wolfdusky wolf or loafer. Once roamed from the west of the United States to the south of Canada, but since 1930 the Great plains wolf is almost extinct. In 2004, only about 3700 of them were left in Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin.


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