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Hi there! Just a quick question - I was wondering what blood types wolves have. I couldn't really find it on the internet, though I did find the blood types wolves have. Do they share the same blood types? If not, do you perhaps have a source about blood types of wolves? I hope it's not much of a bother. Thank you! ^-^

I never learned anything about this, so I did some quick research but could only find something for canines in general.

Canine blood types are denoted by “DEA,” (Dog Erythrocyte Antigen). They are broken down into eight categories:
DEA 1.1
DEA 1.2

This article may be of interest to you. Good luck!

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Okay I've got another perhaps strange question (like the blood type one): do wolves have a preference for using a certain side, like left or right, like humans do? Say, open door first a preferred paw or whatever?

Yes! Like most animals, each individual wolf has a preference in handedness.

By Joshua McCullough

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Weekday wolf dress by ASOS, $43.82

Submitted by sammymlee

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Tomorrow is my assesment for my graduation art work!

This is a test photo of one of my final works - I used it to get your attention for the following:

I need artists who work with the theme:

"The relationship between humans / the human body and technology"

If you know anything, (preferably fine arts, but movies, comics, ánything fine as well), please let me know!!!

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By Stefan Seidel

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I love that you have a lot of photographs of dad wolves nurturing their young ones. As I am about to become a single father they remind me that even though I will no longer be a husband, I will still be a dad! Thank you :)

Be brave, I`m sure you`ll make a wonderful wolf dad!


By Jim Brandenburg


I think that’s the biggest lesson wolves can teach anybody: shut up and be quiet; get out of your own tunnel and your world and actually take a moment to look at something else that’s going to look at you…

Wolves contemplate you. They don’t just look at you, they
look right through you.


Kent Weber, director of Mission:Wolf

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Gray wolves (Canis lupus) by Jim and Jamie Dutcher

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What's your snapchat? I want to snapchat you!




By David Bolin


Eight-week-old Gray wolf pup has the hiccups

Help WolvesWolves out?!

I’m completing my thesis, but still need reliable sources (books, articles, studies, etc.) that talk on:

  • roots of the image of the wolf in movies
  • how fear for the wolf translates to movies
  • (symbolic and/or semiotic) function of the wolf in movies

A little context: I’m writing my thesis on what roots the image of the wolf as shown in American movies has.

Ánything is welcome! The sooner I graduate, the sooner I can get back here and do a decent amount of wolf blogging again =^______^= 

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By Frank Wil

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