lil-ai-sendou asked:
Can u tell me the differance b/w an alpha n a beta wolf??

First of all, it’s important to note that ranking terms such as “alpha”, “beta”, and “omega” do not apply to the typical natural wolf pack. There’s been a lot of misconception on these ranking terms.

The view of a typical natural wolf pack being an aggressive assortment of wolves consistently competing with each other to take over the pack (in which the ranking term you are talking about terms can be applied) is outmoded. Only in artificially composed packs such as in zoos, or in very big packs formed by several packs joining together these terms still apply, because in those cases there is no natural pack composition (natural composition is: a breeding pair automatically becomes the “leading” pair - comparable to human families).

If you want to read more have a look in this tag.

To answer your question, alpha is highest rank, beta is second highest rank. The alpha dominates all other wolves in the pack. The beta does so too, except of course over the alpha.

Tibetan wolf (Canis lupus chanco) by Gary

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Anonymous asked:
your icon is a photo of a wolf touching you, wow! may I ask if you see wolves can you actually touch them or interact with them? like in a zoo or park? i thought in places like that you can only see animals not go to them and your photo shows that you did that. do they allow that or one has to pay to be able to touch wolves? please tell, I'm curious!

Yes, you can! That picture is taken by David when we visited the wolves in the wolf center in Belgium. It was the most amazing experience ever!

You have to pay to go in their enclosure. Most wolf centers or wolf sanctuaries have this opportunity - maybe there’s one near to where you live that you could visit! :) Most (if not all) zoos don’t do this, though.

Anonymous asked:
how much do you have to pay for a visit to wolves? if you don't want to answer, it's fine.

It’s okay! :)

For the zoo the entrance was only 3 euros (art student discount), but now I’m graduated it’s 20 euros.

For the wolf center I visited it was 25 euros entrance and some more (can’t remember) for meeting the wolves face to face.

Plus traveling costs of course.

Anonymous asked:
If you had an opportunity to visit one wolf, just one, that is like an hour of travel from your living place, would you try to go there and visit the wolf? Even if the best chances are that you'll just see it through the grid?


I actually used to often do that, but then a few wolves instead of just one.

Anonymous asked:
How far do you have to ride to visit wolves? The nearest one-may it be zoo or park- I mean?

The nearest zoo with wolves is 1 hour away from where I live. The nearest wolf center is in my neighbor country Belgium, about 8 hours away. (I travel by public transport)


By Jaromír Kadeřábek

Indian wolf pup (Canis lupus pallipes) by Yair Leibovich

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Anonymous asked:
God, it must be hard to sell your wolf stuff D: ! I don't think I would be able to sell any of my wolf or horse stuff, really, so I can't imagine how hard must that be T^T. I know these are just stuff, and that it's good way to earn some money you need, but still kind of sad :c. I was wondering, are there any wolf stuff you would never sell?

It’s for a good purpose, and now that I have to think of alternative ways to make some money as well, this is one of the nicest ways because I know I can do so by putting my wolf stuff in the hands of my fellow wolf loving followers who I grant it the most so that is comforting ^^
And besides that it is a nice way to learn to be less materialistic :)

I have a very old wolf dream catcher that I will never sell. It’s not your standard cliché wolf dream catcher with woven threads and beads or sea shells, but quite a unique one that my parents bought me for my 10th birthday. It’s a rather small dream catcher, with in the center a little figurine of a gray wolf’s head looking at you with dark, black eyes, and some fake leather and fur materials. It has been hanging in all of my rooms since the day I got it :)

Yellowstone wolf by ramislevy

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Wolf Puppy Shenanigans - Watch the full video

Anonymous asked:
Wait but are you now selling all your personal wolf stuff?! Poor you :(

Haha, it’s okay!

Some personal/financial inconvenient events occurred, so I am thinking creative and opening all options to make some money (✿◠‿◠)


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