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I finally realize who you remind me of. You are literally Disney's Peter Pan era Tinkerbell.

Wha- how?!

I’m black-haired, green-eyed, ridiculously tall and definitely do not have wings. I am confused 


By Yair Leibovich

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Anonymous asked:
I am Native American and I just read your post about people sending you angry messages. It made me cry. I've never in my life had someone actually apologize for saying something insensitive or inaccurate about Native culture because, for the most part, Native culture is not thought of in terms of an existing, thriving and diverse people, but rather a thing of the past. Thank you so much for really trying to learn more and for recognizing your mistakes. I appreciate it more than you know.


Thank you so much for sending me this message. Even after I posted that long text post, I received comments on how I shouldn’t be dictating how to solve racism and how I was trying to silence oppressed people who are justified in their anger. It made me feel so hopeless, because I thought it was pretty clear that I wasn’t implying any of that at all. So to you as well, I appreciate this message more than you know and this made me feel a bit better about this :) 


This photo of a Red wolf (Canis rufus) was taken during a ‘howling evening’ at the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge, North Carolina which is the home of the Red Wolf Recovery Program. 

Picture by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Home


I hereby want to apologize in case I have hurt anyone’s feelings by the post about the Native American myth. After posting a quote and saying its source laid in a Native American myth, I got several angry messages telling me that was a racist thing to say. Please know that this was not my intention, and once more I want to express my sincere apologies.

Those who díd calmly inform me why this was inappropriate; thank you so much for enlighten me, for I genuinely wasn’t aware of this when I posted it (even though in retrospective I f like a complete douchebag for not seeing that generalizing like that is racist). But most of the messages were just angry words, without an explanation of why exactly this was a racist thing to say. I want to take this as an opportunity to explain the following.

It is clear that for all the people that sent me heated messages, this is an issue that understandably goes to their hearts. And it should, because racism needs to end. It is logical you want other people to stop being racist, and that you want to make them understand why a certain thing they did or said was wrong or hurtful. You want to reach out to those people and make them understand this, so that they will stop doing so. Shouting angry words at those people being in the wrong without explaining why what they did was wrong, is nót the way to reach out to them. I bet most of the times they will feel attacked and angry, which will result in the complete opposite of what you wanted to achieve.

I find issues like these very important and try to educate myself on it, but I also often still find it rather difficult to get a grip on certain issues. For example, I often still find it very hard to understand the fine lines of when exactly something is cultural appropriation or not. The point I’m trying to make is, if I was someone who didn’t know anything about these important issues and would have posted that on this wolf blog, and people would send me those hateful messages without explaining why it was racist, I would probably only get angry and it wouldn’t help me to gain insights of why what I did was wrong.

Also, just because people don’t see things a certain way, doesn’t mean they don’t agree with you. It simply means they don’t see why a certain thing is bad or harmful. For example: if a person does not see why catcalling is wrong, doesn’t necessarily mean that person actually, consciously believes sexism is okay. Of course that cóuld be the case, but my point is that often people just have no idea why what they are doing is wrong. Therefore I think that instead of immediately attacking and insulting a person for doing or saying something racist, it’s better to plainly address it to them and explain why what they did was wrong. Changes are that– just like in this case – they weren’t aware of it, and will be very grateful that you have gained them that insight. I believe that is the only way to reach out to people and to help end racism.

(I feel a little nervous posting this because I feel like I could have said yet another ignorant thing I’m not aware of in this post, please don’t be just mad at me again but please also point iout what I did. Also, of course oppressed people are justified in their anger, and I am not implying they are obligated to educate.)

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Anonymous asked:
Hi there! I just saw an Ethiopian wolf on TV and it looks so much like a mix of a fox and a dog somehow... So I was wondering if it is actually a wolf or if it is just called 'wolf'?

The Ethiopian wolf (Canis simensis) is a wolf specie on it’s own!

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You certainly are up to date with your wolf facts and statistics.

I try to keep on track and study them as much as I can in my spare time! :)

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Demand review on status of Idaho wolves by USFWS

Idaho has gone too far with its war on wolves. Join in calling on the USFWS to conduct an official status review of wolves in the Northern Rockies – the first step toward restoring Endangered Species Act protection! Take action here 

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druidwolfdoctor asked:
Do wolves see in black and white or colour? I'd have thought that since dogs see monochrome, wolves would too. And that they rely on scent and sound more than sight. But I'm not sure.

Wolves can see some colour. We don’t know much about it yet, but it is believed that wolves may be only partially color blind. Wolves have only red and blue photo receptors in their eyes, and are green colour blind. Unlike humans, who have red, green, and blue photo receptors.

By Maxime Riendeau

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Rhat reminds me of when you mimicked that confused wolf gif please post that again!





someone need to learn me making GIFs because this is ridiculous lol