One day, a good man encountered a wolf. The man was amazed by the wild nature of the animal, which gazed at him with its deep eyes. They stood staring at each other for a few minutes, and then the man said: “I know that your life is hard: what can we as human beings do to defend it?”

The wolf was silent for a moment and then replied: “Just forget about me”.


Pier Giovanni Capellino

(Source: wolveswolves)

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You're one of the prettiest people on my dashboard.

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Wat r ur thoughts about moon moon?? *runs away*

To be honest, it took me a while to form my opinion on this. Few years back when the whole Moon Moon thing started, I found it hilarious. I loved Moon Moon! I believe I even posted and/or reblogged a few Moon Moon related postst on here.

Then I found out that Moon Moon wasn’t just the idiot of the pack; it was actually implied that he is developmentally delayed and because of this is a pain in the rest of the pack’s ass and deserving of scorn.

I had a little trouble figuring out if people were overreacting, since I didn’t really see how the meme itself was ableist. I reckoned the OP shouldn’t have used the ableist slur, but I didn’t find the humour in the memes itself harmful. I saw it more as the portrayal of a wolf who was acting idiotic and who’s pack members disliked him for that – while we people in real life all loved Moon Moon. I guess that was because I didn’t want something I found so funny and at that time in my eyes harmless to be abeist. I really thought (and still think with some Moon Moon memes) that the intent behind them were not to mock neuroatypical people, and I think a lot of people on here share my thoughs on that.

You know, people don’t want to find out that something they love is actually harmful. I felt like the whole Moon Moon meme became divided in two memes; one of them being harmful and obviously ableist, like this:


Then on the other hand the meme simply being about how silly dogs and wolves sometimes act (huskies in particular), standing apart from the OP’s used ableist term, like this.

But as the article below states: “You may intend to make a mild joke about a ditzy wolf who does silly things, but when neuroatypical people are hurt by your jokes and say that they’re ableist, then it doesn’t matter whether or not you intended to mock neuroatypical people. Whatever the intent, the end result is the same - that neuroatypical people are the ones being damaged by it.”

This article handles all aspects on why Moon Moon is wrong very nicely - I suggest having a look at that! :)

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Hi. I've read that wild wolves aren't aggressive to humans unless they feel threatened and most of the time wolves notice you before you notice them and go hide or leave the area. Can you please go into more detail about this?

Wolves are naturally very shy and see humans as hunters, not as prey. Therefore, wolves will avoid at all costs coming close to a human, which is in contrary of what many myths/hunters/etc do want you to believe. If you spot a wolf in the wild, it is most likely not aware of your presence. Most of the time they are aware of our presence first, instead of the other way around.

In history, only a few wolf attacks on humans have been reported. A lot of the attacking wolves had rabies, a disease that nowadays is very rare. There are also several reports of wolf attacks during famines, something that is not likely to happen again these days. At most of the rest of the reported attacks it was assumed that the wolf felt threatened and couldn’t escape. Wolves will try and avoid humans, but if a wolf is stuck and can’t run, it will bite. In cases like these, the humans being attacked by the wolf only had (little) damage and weren’t killed. This shows the wolf in the first place did it as defence and not with the intention to kill. Note that the number of these kind of attacks are extremely low.