Mackenzie Valley wolf (Canis lupus occidentalis)


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Where are you from

Planet earth, milky way galaxy


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I used to work as a park ranger during the summers in a provincial park in Ontario, Canada. We kept track of the major packs in the area. We named them out of habit. One pack in specific, had a breeding pair, Clair and Derek. In one of the last summers I worked there, Clair was pregnant, but unfortunately, Derek had gotten very sick and passed away. Another female, Aria, had taken Derek's place. Is it common for homosexuality in wolves? Are "gay" couples or "lesbian" couples more common?

Displaying homosexual behavior is very common among wolves, Just like most animals, wolves have been observed engaging sexual behavior such as resembling mating behavior with a wolf of the same sex, sometimes even in preference for opposite sex when options were available. Male wolves often mount each other, but this is in a dominance displaying way. I don’t know whether gay wolves or lesbian wolves are more common. 

We can’t tell whether a wolf is actually aware or not that there is a distinction between sexual attraction to it’s own sex and that to the other, but we do call wolves engaging in such behavior homosexual.

If you want, you can read some more about it in Joan Roughgarden’s book ‘Evolution’s rainbow: diversity, gender, and sexuality in nature and people’, and in addition to that, just by giving it a search online you’ll find lots of interesting stuff!

Also, in your case it depends on what you mean by “she had taken her place”. This is most likely an occurence that stands apart from Aria and Clair being homosexual or not. All wolves love pups and are “programmed” to protect and nurture them, and when one of the parents in a wolf pack dies, another adult member of the pack usually replaces the parent’s leading role. Whether this is a female or male wolf taking over Derek’s place, has nothing to do with their sexuality - unless Aria and Clair are exhibiting sexual behavior. 

By Scott Randall

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How is your jaw looking pretty lady?

It’s doing pretty well, thanks for asking doll! The swellings are reduced to such a small amount that for a stranger it’s impossible to notice I look different than usual. 

I’m undergoing special facial massages for lymphatic drainage which helps a lot! 

This is a picture from today, don’t mind the cantankerousness-look



Tiger (panthera tigris) and Indian wolf (Canis lupus papilles) by Jon Irvine

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Hi my name is Melandie (Melly for short) and im on my mom's tumblr because she said i could ask you something! I ahve to write a report on wolfs cuz their my favourite, but theres no books in my school library :(

Hello :)

Fortunately there is a lót of proper information on wolves available online, and I’ll be happy to help you finding that information or answer any questions on wolves you have for me to make you rock that report!

By Jim Brandenburg

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Are there any wolves in India?

There’s the Indian wolf (Canis lupus pallipes) and the Tibetan wolf/Himalayan wolf (Canis lupus chanco) Note: some recognize the Himalayan wolf as it’s own species (Canis himalayensis)

Arctic wolf (Canis lupus arctos) Quebec, Canada


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I hope you're healing up and feeling well, thank you for such a quality blog♥

Thank you! ^^


The swellings and bruises are (almost) completely gone, the only complications left are low enegry level and terror facial skin because my body is trying to get rid of waste materials from the narcosis ==

By James R. Doe

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Comic on the return of the wolf to The Netherlands

"Guys, there’s a change that you will soon be eaten by a predator"


"I hate real wildernis!"

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Indian wolf (Canis lupus pallipes) by Santanu Nandy

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