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Hey! Can I just ask if you have viable and nonbiased sources about the whole "Wolves don't have strict alphas," thing? Mostly asking because I want to be able to tell other people this if it's true because it' fascinating but I want to be able to source it so they know I'm not making stuff up. Thanks in advance! - a fan

Hi you! :) Fortunately there are lots of studies done that prove this, and also lots of well written (scientific) articles with proper scientific support/sources that explain this issue. Here are some articles and books:

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Twenty weeks old Gray wolf pups (Canis lupus) from the Sawtooth pack

Pictures by Jim and Jamie Dutcher

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i understand you're not being materialistic, but it's nothing bad, in my opinion, for someone who likes ie. Batman to buy Batman merchadnise or for you to buy wolf things. (now i feel materialistic...) would you buy this kind of things if you had more money? i read you also don't buy books about wolves because these are expensive. true enough, but knowledge is priceless.

I didn’t mean it that way - I don’t think it’s bad when someone does, but it’s like just not in my personality plus I personally find it important to learn not to value property. That dorsn’t mean I don’t buy wolf stuff, but along with the fact that I’m extremely picky in my taste and what I like, I also wouldn’t often buy it if I had more money

I sometimes buy scientific books about wolves - second hand if possible bc they’re a lot cheaper or I get them for my birthday or whatever, and also there is tons of proper scientific articles, literature, etc. available online so I usually read them and/or print them out to put notes and marks and underline things etc


By Danny Green

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Do you usually buy wolf stuff if you spot something like that? Notebook, pillow, plushie, figurine, etc? And do you pay attention when in shops for something wolf-related? Or do you spot something wolfie and ignore it?

I don’t buy it. I find 99% ugly or useless or too expensive, haha. I also don’t have much money and the main reason is I’m very unmaterialistic (except when it comes to shoes, my one weakness, lolol). But I’m always on the look-out for wolfie stuff because I like watching it and taking pictures of it for you guys :)

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Did you buy anything from that shop? That pillow with wolf maybe? <by the way, what were the prices, if you happen to know? I'm curious, because I'm planning on visiting Austria soon--I hope> Oh my, I'd have defenitely gone in and bought it in an instant!

No I didn’t, I didn’t even look at the price tag, oops! It was at a shop on Mozartplatz in Salzburg. I really hope you can find it! ^^

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Salzburg is amazing! I was there for a whole month in may studying and I miss it so much! I'm jealous you're there

It is freaking gorgeous! Do you have any tips? We arrived this morning and will leave again tomorrow night to Vienna :)


By Norbert Kappenstein

Look what I spotted in a shop in Salzburg today!

(Source: )


/ (at Ernstbrunn Wolf Science Center)

xxxxx WolvesWolves in Austria :))


By Tom Dyring