Pack of wolves escaped… right into the polar bear enclosure

A pack of 5 Gray wolves (Canis lupus) at the Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg managed to dig a tunnel straight into the polar bear (Ursus maritimus) enclosure. Whoops.

Luckily for all carnivores involved, the wolves simply walked around the bear enclosure while the two female polar bears couldn’t even be bothered to wake from their slumber. Zoo staff discovered the predator party the following morning.

CTV News reports that after the wolves were separated from the bears, all animals were removed from their respective enclosures so that zoo workers could seal the tunnel. The animals are now back in their proper places, and the new Journey to Churchill exhibit is once again open for public viewing. Zoo officials have promised that the wolves aren’t actually capable of tunneling out of the exhibit into human-inhabited parts of the zoo.

No word on what the wolves have planned for their next caper.

July 2014

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By Hans Jessen

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Besides the awesome label, this also is genuinely one of the best beers I know!

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Anonymous asked:
Okay what the actual fuck i think many people will agree when i say from all the wolf tattoos yours is the absolute king!!!

Whoa really? ♥



Since everyone’s submitting theirs~

afghamistamm asked:
That's the first session? What else were you planning to get done?

A little more details here and there, and I’m not happy with the paws yet :)


First session of my wolf tattoo

By Claudia at Classic Ink & Mods

Anonymous asked:
What about your wolf tattoo?? Can you post it for us? ^^

There you go! I’ll reblog a picture of it for you :)

I enjoy seeing people’s wolf tattoos and thought I’d share the one I will be getting soon. Its based off my favorite series Wolf’s Rain. Hope you like it :3

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Critically endangered Red wolf pup has something to say

Four adorable Red wolves were born at the Western North Carolina Nature Center in Asheville, NC. This one has something important to tell you. Visit the WNC website.

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