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Rhat reminds me of when you mimicked that confused wolf gif please post that again!





someone need to learn me making GIFs because this is ridiculous lol

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when ever you have wolf reaction pictures I try to imagine you making the face hehehe so cute!



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Regarding that question about whether some Northern breeds were more closely related to wolves. That study with the various breeds has always bugged me a bit. The Tibetan Mastiff like the wolf goes into estrus one a year. They're a guardian breed, and an ancient one that hails from Asia. Sure they're appearance isn't very wolfish, but I have some reason to believe that they might be somewhat more closely related than some of the listed breeds. Is there any way to know, if they were included?

That study was done on only 85 different domesticated dog breeds, while there are over 400 different domesticated dog breeds in the world. The reason the Tibetan Mastiff is not included in that list, might as well because of the simple fact that they weren’t one of the 85 breeds they picked. It’s very likely that in the near future, scientists will find more breeds that are genetically more close related to wolves than other dog breeds. They might even find dog breeds that are more related to wolves than the ones in that list, who knows. It’s unknown for now. I think the Tibetan Mastiff would make a good “candidate” though, since most dogs from that list had origins back to antiquity, the oldest ones being from Asia. 

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When you google search "wolf hug" or "wolf nuzzle" your display picture comes up!

Oh, that is so awesome!

I’m so happy with that picture, wow. I’m so glad David managed to capture that wonderful moment :)


By Klaus Buchmann

By Ian McAllister

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Hey! I was wondering if you knew whether dogs like Huskies and Malamutes are more closely related to wolves than other breeds? My Husky rarely barks; he just howls. I didn't know if this was a thing or not.

Yes, both Huskies and Malamutes are more closely related to wolves than other domestic dog breeds.

Domestic dogs have about 99% of their genes in common with one another. But a few very distinct genetic differences separate them into about 400 dog breeds known worldwide. All domestic dog breeds are almost identical in relatedness to wolves. The DNA structure of domestic dogs is only about 0,2% different from wolves.

A recent study claims that several dogs whose origins date back to antiquity are also the most genetically similar to wolves — the very oldest ones being from Asia, such as the Shar-pei and the Chow, and from Africa, such as the Basenji. Others, like the Afghan, come from the Middle East, while the Siberian husky and others come from the Arctic [source].

Note that looks can be deceiving; Huskies and Malamutes have a wolf-like appearance, but the extent to which a certain dog breed looks like a wolf stands apart from the extend to how closely related to wolves they are. For example, a Shih Tzu (which the authors of the recent study I talked about assigned to the ancient group of Asian dogs) is more closely related to the wolf than a German shepherd is.

List of the fourteen ancient breeds that show the fewest genetic differences from wolves [source]:

(Note that this study was done on 85 different dog breeds, and as there are some 400 known dog breeds (of which the AKC recognizes 167), it is possible that an extended study would reveal additional “ancient” breeds)

Siberian Huskies are one of the dog breeds that actually howl more often than other dogs. Huskies are known to communicate less by barking and more in “talking”, “singing” and howling noises, but this has nothing to do with them being more related to wolves than other dog breeds.

By Gunnar Ries

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Hello there! I was wondering if you have read "Wolves: Capturing the natural spirit of these incredible animals) by Shaun Ellis and if so, if you think it's a good source of general information. Thanks!

Hi! I have not read it, but since it is written by Shaun Ellis I can predict it won’t be much good, and I would strongly reccommend searching for an alternate, proper source for general information concerning wolves! 

(I wrote this post about why Shaun Ellis is not a reliable source when it comes to wolf science)

I personally love the book “Wolves: Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation" by David Mech and Luigi Boitani as a good source of general wolf information. Make sure you have the latest updated version!


A Wolf howling to his pack. Shot on my D300. 

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Hey this might sound dumb but what's the connection between ravens and wolves? I went to volunteer at a wolf rescue center and I kept seeing ravens, I didn't pay mind to it till now that I saw a few photos of ravens and wolves..

Oh my god you volunteered at a wolf center?! I am so envious of you, you have no idea grrr


Anyway, here is a post I wrote about this subject! :)

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Hi beautiful! I've loved wolves since I was a little kid and I'm planning to get a tattoo, I was wondering if you have any wolf and raven photos for ideas! Thanks love! You and your blog rocks btw :D

Hello :) I suggest having a look in this tag:

Good luck! if I can help you any other way, just let me know. Also, if you decide to get it done, I’d love to see the result!

During the shooting of the documentary ‘White falcon, white wolf’. Watch documentary online here.

Picture by Mark Smith, 2007

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