afghamistamm asked:
That's the first session? What else were you planning to get done?

A little more details here and there, and I’m not happy with the paws yet :)


First session of my wolf tattoo

By Claudia at Classic Ink & Mods

Anonymous asked:
What about your wolf tattoo?? Can you post it for us? ^^

There you go! I’ll reblog a picture of it for you :)

I enjoy seeing people’s wolf tattoos and thought I’d share the one I will be getting soon. Its based off my favorite series Wolf’s Rain. Hope you like it :3

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Critically endangered Red wolf pup has something to say

Four adorable Red wolves were born at the Western North Carolina Nature Center in Asheville, NC. This one has something important to tell you. Visit the WNC website.

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This is my wolf tattoo. The wolf has been my favourite animal for a long time. A lot of people tend to get confused and/or surprised by my tattoo as I have a portrait of my Alaskan Malamute on my other leg, and they think that’s my wolf tattoo until I show them there’s a different tattoo on each leg.

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darylknievel submitted:

Hi, I’m Daryl from the Philippines! Just like to share my wolf tatt!

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My wolf tattoo!!

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c0c0b3ans submitted:

It’s not the best picture, but it was my first tattoo!

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Anonymous asked:
are you going to share all the wolf tattoo submissions?

Lets make this a wolf tattoo wednesday then, shall we?