Gray wolf (Canis lupus) by Tom Leeson

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Bit of a random, non wolf related question but... my mom said that in Amsterdam there are street vendors with waffles (you know like... in New York or something they have hot dogs and pretzels?) Is this true? She's kind of crazy...

Lol yes it’s true! And hot dogs too. And ice cream, pancakes, fish, French fries, spring rolls… a lot of things!  I never saw pretzels being sold on the streets, but who knows.

The waffles aren’t really common though. But people in The Netherlands eat things called “oliebollen” to celebrate New Year. The oliebollen are sold by street vendors, and they then usually also sell waffles as well.


Wolf in Lamar Valley

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Yo, if you opened a paypal or some other method, I'm sure many of your followers would be willing to send you some money, myself included.

I received several messages from my followers, and everytime I am genuinely surprised and heart warmed to find that so many of my followers are such kind souls ^_____^

But I wouldn’t feel comfortable accepting gifts like that, which is why I am currently working on a WolvesWolves Webshop. I’m planning to sell my 2D wolf art (drawings, and possibly photographs or 3D-prints), and occasionally some wolf-related objects I got my hands on.

The shop concept will be that the customer can decide how much he wants to spend on my art. The starting price will be the shipping costs, plus maybe a few euro’s so I at least get a little something out of it. I figured that would be a nice way, and also a very interesting experiment to see how much people value and want to pay for art work.

For theoccasional wolf objects (think about things easy to ship such as jewellerry, post cards, magnets, etc.); I’m thinking about selling them via a “highest bid”-method.

I’m actually sorting stuff out for this idea as we speak - excitedddd

By Richard Wear

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  • Schoolcamera I lent and got stolen from me will not be refunded
  • Laptop officially died
  • Laptop backups from both my SD-card and external hard drive magically disappeared
  • Still no luck with job hunting

That makes for exactly 3 euros on my bank account, yay! So yeah, no holiday or whatsoever for me. Being a graduate sure sucks, lol.

But I have an idea for an online WolvesWolves webshop where I will sell wolf related stuff -  I’ll update you guys about that as soon as I worked that out a little more!

I’m also planning a day in the near future where I’m going to do nothing but finally answer all your messages all day long! Looking forward to that! But first I must sort my shit out and get some things straight, so hold on just a liiitle bit longer. Wolf nuzzles to all of you!

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By Wincey on DeviantArt

French farmers allowed to shoot wolves

July 2014

The parliament in France agreed with a legislative proposal that allows farmers to shoot wolves in certain regions and under certain conditions, even though wolves are an officially endangered specie in Europe.

The wolf has returned to France since the 90s, especially in the east of the Pyrenees, Massif Central, the Vogezen, the Haute-Marne, and the Aube. There are about 300 of them, and all together they killed 6.000 farm animals in 2013. Last year, 8 wolves have been shot.

Opponents of this approach say that shooting wolves is not going to solve the problem, and that there must be found ways to protect the cattle better, so that the wolves will limit themselves to wild prey. Think of well managed nature reserves, and shepherds or at least specialized shepherd dogs along with the herd.

Proponents, including the minister of agriculture Stéphane Le Foll, claim the new law provides more (legal) options for farmers to protect themselves, and that these plans suit the existing wolf plan for France. According to the legislative proposal, not only shepherds but also farmers will be allowed to shoot wolves when “extensive damage” is detected.

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Twenty weeks old Gray wolf pups from the Sawtooth pack by Jim and Jamie Dutcher

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what do you think of mrs Gudrun Pflueger? her approach. she is biologist but she has spiritual view on wolves. she studies wolves and believes in spiritual power they have. you wouldnt like her considering youre only into biology of wolves.

I’m not at all only into the biological aspects of the wolf! On the contrary, I find the spiritual aspect people attribute to the wolf extremely interesting and love reading about it! I myself feel a connection with wolves that I guess could be called “spiritual” in a way. I just like learning about the scientific aspects more :)

I do not know much about Gudrun Pflueger, besides her amazing encounter with a pack of wild wolves and her documentary “A Woman Among Wolves” (2007)

For the people who don’t know; in 2005, Pflueger was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and she credits wolves with helping inspire her recovery: “I really believe the encounter with the wolves in the wilderness was a powerful medication. They gave me strength." This must be the "spiritual" aspect she (and you) is talking about, and what I find rather interesting is that this to me sounds like something that is actually pure scientifically. Obviously she feels a strong connection with wolves, and she explained their characteristics inspire her. I think when she said the wolves gave her strength, she did not meant that in such a spiritual way as it sounds. Being around wild wolves must have been an incredible experience for her, and we must not underestimate what such experiences can do to us both mentally ánd physically.

Also, I believe her scientific work is kept separately from her “spiritual” views on wolves, so for me there’s nothing not to like :)


By Ian McAllister

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Greetings from Poland! Right now, we should have around 800 wild wolves here. Not sure, though, estimates can vary from 750 up to 1000 even. My best guess would be 800-900 wolves. That's good news, I think! Every year, since protection (1998), there's more and more wolves in Poland, and better: people seem to start to understand wolves' role in environment. I'm not sure if you're interested, but I thought it'd be nice to send a friendly howl from our Polish wolves to yours out there! :)

Thank you for this super sweet “wolves in Poland”-update! That definitely is great news! Here in The Netherlands, it will only be a matter of time before the first wild wolf will settle again after more then 150 years of absence. If they finally return, I will tell them you said “hi” ^^


By Franco Pacelli

Pack of wolves escaped… right into the polar bear enclosure

A pack of 5 Gray wolves (Canis lupus) at the Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg managed to dig a tunnel straight into the polar bear (Ursus maritimus) enclosure. Whoops.

Luckily for all carnivores involved, the wolves simply walked around the bear enclosure while the two female polar bears couldn’t even be bothered to wake from their slumber. Zoo staff discovered the predator party the following morning.

CTV News reports that after the wolves were separated from the bears, all animals were removed from their respective enclosures so that zoo workers could seal the tunnel. The animals are now back in their proper places, and the new Journey to Churchill exhibit is once again open for public viewing. Zoo officials have promised that the wolves aren’t actually capable of tunneling out of the exhibit into human-inhabited parts of the zoo.

No word on what the wolves have planned for their next caper.

July 2014

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By Hans Jessen

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