Look what my mom brought me from the library! This book was depreciated, so I can keep it. Shame that it’s written by the notorious Shaun Ellis, but 90% of the book is gorgeous pictures taken by the one and only Monty Sloan :)

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By John Hyde

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Sub-adult Ethiopian wolf (Canis simensis) waking up in Sanetti Platau (Bale Mountains National park in Ethiopia)

Picture by Burrard Lucas

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Iberian wolf (canis lupus signatus) by irespaldiza

By Rudy Pohl

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Red wolf (Canis rufus) by Athena McKinzie

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Wolf family saved in Serbia

July 2013

Harmony Fund is working with an extraordinary rescuer in Serbia. This is a land where wolves are regularly hunted. Surviving pups are “raised” by hunters who save them for future hunts. But not this time…

The wolves you see here has just been rescued by Dejan Gacic, our hero on the ground in Serbia. Dejan lives very, very modestly trying to find enough food for the wolves and for the 160 dogs who have found unconditional love at his shelter.

The Harmony Fund is making plans for a large wolf sanctuary here, providing protected natural habitat for the wolves who are blessed with a second chance. We can just imagine those first moments when these animals walk free from their cages and into the sunlight woods.

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By Deborah Smith

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By Ron Guersney

By Florian Schulz

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