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I previewed Dutchers's book and I think it's not worth buying, since everything that is written there one can know by watching Living with Wolves and Wolves at out Door. Everything they write there is told and shown in these two documentaries, so I don't understand why book. If someone has both films there's no need for a book. Or am I wrong and there is written more than told in the docus?

I don’t own the book but read it once when I lent it from the library - from what I recall you’re right that the book basically covers the same main things, but the book has more background information and gorgeous pictures and drawings and comes with a CD with a lot of wolf noises audio. Maybe my followers knows what else the book provides that the documentaries don’t! :)

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You mentioned the book of Dutchers, Wolves at our door. Is it good and a reliable reference? Or do you have it by any chance, so you can tell from your opinion? I'm asking bc there was a shift from studying wolves in captivity to studying them in the wild, and most biologists say that studying wolves in the captivity can lead to misunderstanding of wild wolves, because captive packs behave partly differently from the wild ones.

Yes, it’s a great book! :)

This whole misconception on ranking terms and hierarchy in wolf packs is based on this shift you’re talking about. We used to put random, unrelated wolves together in captivity, calling it a pack, and based our knowledge of wolves on those articifially composed packs even though they are not remotely like how naturally formed wolf packs cooperate. The articles I just posted in my previous message talk about this shift.

The Dutchers took this new insight into account and were aware that their artificially composed wolf packs they study were not comparable to wolf packs in the wild, especially on issues like pack structure etc., but it of course can still grant us great new insights/information regarding wolf science.

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Hey! Can I just ask if you have viable and nonbiased sources about the whole "Wolves don't have strict alphas," thing? Mostly asking because I want to be able to tell other people this if it's true because it' fascinating but I want to be able to source it so they know I'm not making stuff up. Thanks in advance! - a fan

Hi you! :) Fortunately there are lots of studies done that prove this, and also lots of well written (scientific) articles with proper scientific support/sources that explain this issue. Here are some articles and books:

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i understand you're not being materialistic, but it's nothing bad, in my opinion, for someone who likes ie. Batman to buy Batman merchadnise or for you to buy wolf things. (now i feel materialistic...) would you buy this kind of things if you had more money? i read you also don't buy books about wolves because these are expensive. true enough, but knowledge is priceless.

I didn’t mean it that way - I don’t think it’s bad when someone does, but it’s like just not in my personality plus I personally find it important to learn not to value property. That dorsn’t mean I don’t buy wolf stuff, but along with the fact that I’m extremely picky in my taste and what I like, I also wouldn’t often buy it if I had more money

I sometimes buy scientific books about wolves - second hand if possible bc they’re a lot cheaper or I get them for my birthday or whatever, and also there is tons of proper scientific articles, literature, etc. available online so I usually read them and/or print them out to put notes and marks and underline things etc

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Do you usually buy wolf stuff if you spot something like that? Notebook, pillow, plushie, figurine, etc? And do you pay attention when in shops for something wolf-related? Or do you spot something wolfie and ignore it?

I don’t buy it. I find 99% ugly or useless or too expensive, haha. I also don’t have much money and the main reason is I’m very unmaterialistic (except when it comes to shoes, my one weakness, lolol). But I’m always on the look-out for wolfie stuff because I like watching it and taking pictures of it for you guys :)

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Did you buy anything from that shop? That pillow with wolf maybe? <by the way, what were the prices, if you happen to know? I'm curious, because I'm planning on visiting Austria soon--I hope> Oh my, I'd have defenitely gone in and bought it in an instant!

No I didn’t, I didn’t even look at the price tag, oops! It was at a shop on Mozartplatz in Salzburg. I really hope you can find it! ^^