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Do you like the movie Balto?

I believe I only saw a part of that a long, long time ago, so I can’t really remember :x

Should I watch it again?

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  1. commanderlander said: YES BALTO SO GOOD
  2. bitchlad said: fuckin yeah!
  3. onelastdare said: YESS!!
  4. sunkissedgalaxy said: You really should watch it again :) I always was and still am-completely obsessed with that movie. Good eye candy for us wolf lovers :)
  5. parliament-is-now-in-session said: Yes!!!
  6. damascus-anomaly said: Yes!
  7. capriciouscrux said: Yes! :)
  8. 5thcat said: YES
  9. spore222 said: YES
  10. death-is-a-disease said: yes. you should watch balto again.
  11. sadw0lves said: YES
  12. rinrue said: YES
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