For the hair-dyers among us,

This is my recent hair colour (thought I washed out the green already);



I want to light it up so I can dye my hair in pastel colours again. Now I have two questions;

1. How much do I need to lighten it up? (Before this hair colour I bleached it to pure white, but I can’t do that again or my hair will fall off, lol)

2. What is the best way to lighten it up with the least damage to my hair? (note: I always bleach, dye and cut it myself because hairdressers always fuck up, so please don’t say go to a hairdresser, heheh) 

Also, underneath this brown hair dye my hair is still this white:


So maybe there’s a way to just remove the hairdye or something?

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  1. lyzzspersonalnsuch said: Color oops! It works great for me!
  2. opalbabyxo said: hair stripper mine was dark purple I then bleached it and went bright pink stripped those out and u could see the bleach underneath it all it prevents colour build up xo.
  3. itslyndys said: you can use a color stripper. you can find them at any beauty supply store.. this might also help…
  4. paloma-de-la-esperanza said: Also there’s going to be a red hue to your hair after the pigment. All that is is exposing the underlining pigment to your hair. Then you can use an Amona free lightner and then use the pastel color.
  5. ayaawesome said: Know what I mean? :o (I’m bad with explaining, sorry!) About the caring I can only say: CONDITIONING! Hair oil. And don’t bleach your hair more than one time on one day. Give it time to get healthy again and stuff. Tell me if I helpes you. :D
  6. ossiekins said: my sister bleaches her hair or she’ll use blonde dye that has bleach in it to lighten it, so I guess you could try that? I don’t know any other methods, sorry. Maybe I’ll ask her later if she knows another way.
  7. inf3ct said: To get a good pasten color the hair needs to be pretty light. Not white, but almost platinum. Cut Down on shampooing, and use a good conditioner instad:)
  8. xephboo said: depending on the bleach/color brand, they might have something to treat your hair after you bleach it. i have mine bleached to a goldish color and i was bright yellow before my hair was blue and it stayed soft and healthy throughout the time i had it
  9. the-art-in-war said: I don’t like using certain types of bleach like SPLAT or those brands because the shit fried my hair last time. you can also get some treatments that should help repair any damage to your hair.
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