Howling with wolves - a unique experience deep in the Swedish forests

Wolves have always been one of Sweden’s most magical and iconic animals - mysterious, charismatic, wild and powerful, they fire our imaginations and awaken our primal spirit.

After centuries of persecution, the wolf was finally driven to extinction in Sweden in the 1970s. But, for this most resilient and wild-spirited of animals its Swedish story was not over, and in 1977 wolves again began to appear in Sweden. DNA analysis has shown that these wolves originally crossed over from Finland and Russia. Since then they have gradually increased in population, especially in central Sweden.

The Scandinavian wolf population grew by around 25% in the 1990s, and in 2005 Sweden’s wolf population was put at around 150 – more wolves than there have been in Scandinavia for almost 100 years. The wolf is an animal that inspires strong feelings on both sides, a symbol of the wilderness and untamed natural forces, but through careful conservation measures and ongoing education, the future looks much brighter than it did.

Many words have been used to describe that unique sound, the howl of the wolf: spine-tingling, spiritual, awe-inspiring, thrilling. Whatever adjective you may choose, one thing is for certain: the experience of hearing the howling of a wild wolf pack echoing through the forest around you is unforgettable, a memory to be cherished and the stuff of dreams for many years to come.

A hair-raising walk on the wild side and chance to learn more about this fascinating predator in Wildlife holidays in Sweden: Bergslagen

Duration: 2 days/1 night, extra nights optional
Accommodation: Tipi in the heart of the wolf territory
Required: Good general health. Participants should be able to walk on rough terrain through forest
Minimum age 12 for scheduled tours

More Info here 

(Picture by Sonsurfer)

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