Comic on the return of the wolf to The Netherlands

"Guys, there’s a change that you will soon be eaten by a predator"


"I hate real wildernis!"

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A wolf tattoo design I drew that I’m planning to get on my leg at some point :3

Wolf by Ironteflon

Hail the wolves!

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Excellent Manners Wolf goes to his local coffee shop

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Look what David bought me ^___^

Behold: Miss January - isn’t she gorgeous?

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By Oriol Angrill Jordà

I’m back again! Passed my mid-term evaluation, so from now on I’ll have more time to blog.

Thought I’d share with you what took me away from you for the past week - I know some of you have been asking about what I’ve recently been working on in my art.

I’m still working around the theme “humans becoming dependent on technology”, and “the new human”. Long story short; this work illustrates a poetic image of that subject. The thin, fragile spinal and ribcage, and the transparent skin symbolize the dependence on technology the human body is experiencing.

It’s a wearable piece with a LEDstrip inside the spine, controlled by an Arduino. The LEDs are programmed in a pulsating light, kind of representing a pulse of technique.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a model and proper equipment available yesterday to do a decent shoot, and I still need to shoot a video of it in which you can see how the LEDs work, and see the piece being worn on a body. This work is definitely not something I’m réally proud of, but I’m pretty satisfied for achieving this along with a lot of paintings, sketches, programming, and setting up an exhibition in one week. I’ll post the end results on my portfolio site :)

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Wolf related songs

A start of a list of wolf related songs. Far from finished, but I’m going to leave this first bit here already with you to enjoy. The amount of variation of music in this list is incredible - I’m sure there’s something for everyone!

(Feel free to add songs to this list - or message them to me - so that I can enrich the list)

Steve Conte and Yoko Kanno - Stray

Blitzen Trapper – Furr

Mannheim Steamroller - Wolves

David Guetta ft. Sia - She wolf 

Wolf’s Rain soundtrack - Tell me what the rain knows

Young Heretics - I know I’m a wolf

TV On The Radio - Wolf like me

Sea Wolf – You’re a wolf

Cloud Cult - Running with the wolves

Ed Harcourt - Heart of a wolf

Ben Howard – The wolves

Incubus – In the company of wolves

Metallica - Of Wolf and Man

Sonata Artica – Fullmoon

Sonata Artica – The Cage

Sonata ArticaWolf and Raven

Ultima Thule – Songs of wolves

Ratty And The Watchers – Let the wolves run

Falling In Reverse - Raised by wolves

Annie Rew Shaw – Shadows

Duran Duran – Hungry like the wolf

Michael Hurley - werewolf

Ignite - Family

Cat Power – Werewolf

Patrick Wolf - Wolf song

Dragon Boy Suede - You won’t sass me like that when I can summon wolves

Florence And The Machine – Howl

The Deadly Syndrome - Wolves in the garden

The Dear Hunter - But there’s wolves?

Omnia – Wolf song 

For Our Hero- Young wolves

Manchester Orchestra - Wolves at night

Bon Iver - The wolves act I & II

My Chemical Romance - House of wolves

Oh Land - Wolf & I

Shakira - She wolf

Phildel - The Wolf

The Banner - The Wolf

Dead and Diving - Like Wolves

Deserters - Wolf In Shepherd’s Clothing

Weeken Nachos - Wolves

I Killed The Prom Queen - To the wolves

Dead Ocean - Lone wolf

Wolfbrigade - Hour of the wolf 

R.E.M - Wolves, lower

Phosphorescent - Wolves

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