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Rhat reminds me of when you mimicked that confused wolf gif please post that again!





someone need to learn me making GIFs because this is ridiculous lol


A Wolf howling to his pack. Shot on my D300. 


Special Christmas wolf hugs for each and everyone of you ♥

Hope you’re all enjoying my special Christmas-wolves posts! Make it a great rest of the evening with whoever you are spending it with and I send you lovelies all my love. Oh and if you can, have a look at the beautifully clear nightsky - so many stars! Goodnight everyone xxx

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Wow, looks like this self-involved wolfaboo blog has finally learned to give credit on pictures! Well done.

Honey, my god damn middle name is “giving credits”, lol. If there’s one person advocating for putting credits along with what you post, it’s me.

I just – what? image

I really, genuinely wonder why you would come here and message something like this when you, me, éveryone knows that everything about it is nonsense. I mean - you do know that by doing so, the only possible response you’d get out of it is a negative one, right? (Plus a lot of replies on this message of people also being amazed by how stupid this is, lol) You’re only making me smirk because you provide me with a nice opportunity to use a GIF here that I’ve been wanting to use as a reply to yet another ridiculous message:

    ^You             ^me
*Faily fail*

Me and David, lol

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make a video of you with shaking your head like moon-moon :P



I thought this would be a great oppurtunity to learn to make GIFs but it looks like I didn’t even try hahaha fuck this I’m dne this is’t even close

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How many Moon Moon can a Moon Moon, Moon?


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anybody understand the breed of this wolf? Ok it’s wet, but that ears are so long! :O is it a red wolf?

Iberian wolf (Canis lupus signatus) :)

Gorgeous GIF - didn’t know this one yet!