aacrylic asked:
Absolutely in love with your blog, wolves are so amazing and your dedication to them is awesome, not to mention you're fucking gorgeous! Thank you for continuously posting facts, info, and updates on these beautiful animals :)


Ethiopian wolves (Canis simensis)

(The first wolf GIF ever I come across that’s not of a Gray wolf, yay so cool, ah!)

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Again, ten points if you can tell me why this is not a wolf! :)

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Arctic wolves (Canis lupus arctos) in BBC’s Frozen Planet

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Anonymous asked:
When the wolf blog replies to messages with wolf facial expressions --I'm crying

U know u like it gurl


(I was going to put a picture of a blinking wolf along with this but then I found this idiotic gif)

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This is how I feel when getting those super cute messages *jumping around over excitedly* haha 

Really though, it really touches me to find out there apparently are people on here that I mean a lot to and that is just so wonderful! 

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