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I won’t dissapoint you with the amount of wolf posts hah

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I just read some awesome news!

In Artis Zoo in Amsterdam a white wolf had pups! I’ll post the article later. So exited!

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Hello, glad I found your blog! x

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I found some really good and gorgeous wolf blogs today

Thank you for your existance haha

Its a low-budget-ish theatre-y 80s movie; not the best, but i think it would still be worth a watch!

I will! Thank you again! :)

This blog has been ‘on air’ for not even 2 days,

and I already can’t remember what I posted already or not lol


My eyes went directly to…without searching

Haha yeah, easy one. Did you noticed there were two? ;)

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Off to town, having some breakfast in the sun with some friends

Damn, it’s hot in The Netherlands, me likey

Hope you guys are having a great day just like me!

Looking for a summerjob.

Bleh, why can’t I just work with wolves or something as a summer job? Oh yeah because we don’t have wolves in the Netherlands nor wolf sanctuaries or whatever. Oh wellllll


They have numbers now? Like the Terminator.

Hahaha <3