Wolf pup eating strawberries

This is so adorable, I’m going to cry. How he delicately picks the berries from that shrub <3

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Young wolves eating berries

If you’re sad, watch this.

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The pig who cried werewolf

I come across some funny things when doing research - have a look at this when you need a laugh!

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Documentary: “How wolves change rivers”

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Release of the book “Wild wolves we have known”

International Wolf Center:

Most wolf biologists have encountered hundreds of wild wolves in their careers. In that process, many have become witness to the intimate lives and fates of a select handful of individuals. Over the years, these biologists have occasionally shared stories of their ‘favorite’ wolves with one another, often over drinks at the local pub during wolf conferences. Few outsiders have been privy to these stories - until now!

This is a remarkable collection of tales spanning the globe, from the earliest studies to the present day. “Wild wolves we have known" tells the stories of individual wolves through the lenses of those who know them best - the biologists who have studied them. Immerse yourself in the fieldwork; observe the challenges facing the species, and bear witness to the extraordinary resilience of these remarkable wolves.

Buy your copy online here!

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Wolves return to Rome

Rome and wolves go back a long time. According to ancient legend, a she-wolf suckled the twins Remus and Romulus, the founders of Rome. Now for the first time, the zoological garden Biopark in Rome has two real wolves.

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Hudson bay wolves (Canis lupus hudsonicus) at Artis Amsterdam Zoo by wolveswolves

1:35 - 3.40 is réally spectacular - wolves jumping in a tree!

Pippin launching himself because he’s pulling so hard, lol

Oh and he gives a special nuzzle to all of you!

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Two Arctic wolf pups, may 2011, Zoo Berlin

I love the little attempt to a howl, and how every wolf constantly checks upon the pups 

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National Geographic documentary "The Dire Wolf"

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"Exposed - USDA’s Secret War on Wildlife" by Predator Defense

Another crucial piece to revealing what your tax dollars pay for. In this film three former federal agents and a Congressman blow the whistle on Wildlife Services - a barbaric, wasteful and misnamed agency within the USDA - and expose the government’s secret war on wildlife on the taxpayer’s dime.

More info

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Wolf pup in Sweden

Ah, so cute! Thanks for tagging me in this ^^ Also, I snorted aloud when reading that the place is called ‘Kloten’, which is Dutch for testicles.

Trophic cascade in Yellowstone 

2 minute-video, explaining what it meant when a missing domino piece was brought back to Yellowstone in 1995 - wolves, and therefore also the cascade

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Anonymous asked:
i was thinking of trying to get adopted by a wolf pack and leave society behind.


Thought I would share this. I uploaded this a while back on my YouTube channel. This is at the Wolf Sanctuary that I volunteer at, and on this particularly day, Lorenzo decided to be a bit of a dork and none of us have been able to interpret this strange behavior of his. Whatever it means, it is hilarious to see! 

Watch 0:30-1:10 - so hilarious!

(On what it might mean - I have no clue! Maybe just plain boredom?)