Wolf pup trying to make friends

A rescued wolf pup named Lorne, who has since recovered from the emergency surgery that needed to take place when he accidentally swallowed a metal slip lead, is unsuccessful in his attempts to become friends with a very stubborn and dominating ram who wants no part of the puppy’s playful antics. According to the woman at Camels and Friends, Lorne was deliberately placed with this specific ram for a reason:

"Lorne is now five months old, coming on six. He has been introduced to sheep, since he was seven weeks old and has been around the herd daily. Today, under strict supervision I decided to put him in with a semi-dominate ram to gauge his reaction to him. The reason I chose this ram was because he was dominate and willing to stand up to Lorne, but was not overly aggressive and dangerous to him. Likewise, most of the Ewes would have been a poor choice and triggered a flight response in the sheep, which then may have triggered a chase drive in Lorne, which could have resulted in his predatory nature kicking in- whether he meant the sheep harm or not."

This wasn’t the first time that Lorne encountered sheep. He met a group of sheep at the young age of 7 weeks and then again a few weeks later when a strong mama ewe ran the puppy off.


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I bought a Sleepy plant! (And my dog yawning at the end haha)


Wolf family saved in Serbia

July 2013

Harmony Fund is working with an extraordinary rescuer in Serbia. This is a land where wolves are regularly hunted. Surviving pups are “raised” by hunters who save them for future hunts. But not this time…

The wolves you see here has just been rescued by Dejan Gacic, our hero on the ground in Serbia. Dejan lives very, very modestly trying to find enough food for the wolves and for the 160 dogs who have found unconditional love at his shelter.

The Harmony Fund is making plans for a large wolf sanctuary here, providing protected natural habitat for the wolves who are blessed with a second chance. We can just imagine those first moments when these animals walk free from their cages and into the sunlight woods.

More information

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BBC Wildlife specials: Wildlife Collection 48 - “Wolf: The Legendary Outlaw

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Indiegogo Promo - Gray Area: Wolves of the Southwest

Gray Area: Wolves of the Southwest is a wildlife film that tells the remarkable story about a species brush with extinction, and it’s journey towards recovery.

Read more and help a wolf brother out

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Critically endangered Red wolf pup has something to say

Four adorable Red wolves were born at the Western North Carolina Nature Center in Asheville, NC. This one has something important to tell you. Visit the WNC website.

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Pakistan man rescues rare abandoned Indian wolf pup

Omer, a man from Pakistan, found an Indian wolf pup (Canis lupus pallipes) that was alone in the wild. He said that when he found her, he looked for the mother wolf, but soon found that the mother had been killed by hunters.

He then made the decision to rescue the baby wolf, who is about 1 1/2 months old, and attempt to help her to survive. Omar has been feeding her some milk and chicken to keep her alive.

He is concerned for the baby wolf and says he must hide her from the local people because he lives in an area where people hunt and kill wolves. Since she is a wild wolf, he will take care of her until she is strong enough to be released back into the wild.


Eight-week-old Gray wolf pup has the hiccups

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Bonno excitedly talking to me

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Kristen Stewart on wolves and wolf hybrids

From what I’ve seen and read about Kristen Stewart, she came across as a pretty cool person. Watch all my hopes crash and burn in just 10 minutes of her gibbering on how much she loves wolves - so much, that she and her mom own four wolf-dog hybrids. Logic much?

Read this article on the many facets of why getting a wolf-dog hybrid is wrong

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National Geographic explorers used camera traps to capture video footage of Europe’s elusive Gray wolf

In the first couple of month’s of the 12-month project assessing large carnivore populations and biodiversity studies in the Csomad-Balvanyos region area in the Carpathians mountains, camera traps recorded bears and lynx. It wasn’t until much later, they had their first glimpse of a Gray wolf (Canis lupus) on one of the camera traps.

Romania is the European stronghold for the Gray wolf. However, there seems to be huge discrepancies in the total population figures ranging from 2,000 to 4,000, the majority of which live in the Carpathian Mountains. It is known that wolves are present and hunting in the area, but the size of the territory is unknown, just like whether they are present all the time or just passing through a much larger territory. The camera traps have played a vital role in being able to get a glimpse of these elusive predators both during the day and at night. Until recently, they have only ever captured one individual passing through the area during the autumn - watch here. The most recent footage above, taken during over winter, shows three passing through the area together scent making as they go.

Victoria Hillman, a National Geographic Explorer and Research Director for the Transylvanian Wildlife Project, oversees research on carnivores and biodiversity of Europe’s last great wilderness. Follow the expedition here on Explorers Journal through updates from the team. Read more

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Wolf pup eating strawberries

This is so adorable, I’m going to cry. How he delicately picks the berries from that shrub <3

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Young wolves eating berries

If you’re sad, watch this.

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The pig who cried werewolf

I come across some funny things when doing research - have a look at this when you need a laugh!

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Documentary: “How wolves change rivers”

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