Gonna skate to Oostvaardersplassen with my sister. Oostvaardersplassen is a natural reserve, 45 minutes from where I live. They have deers, foxes, wild Konik horses, Heck cattles and even a sea eagle!

But the most awesomest thing is that, a few years ago, they had plans for putting a wolfpack in the reserve! That would just be the most awesomest thing ever, but unfortunately that plan faded away and I haven’t heard any news about it for a very long time.


In Slovenia there are 30-50 wolves in the wild.


Unlikely friends.

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Bison vs Meute de loups

Bison VS wolf pack

By Ron Niebrugge

By Terry Whittaker

Love this, haha

Photo Courtesy of Western Transportation Institute

Two gray wolves, captured by a trail camera June 22 in northeastern Oregon’s Wallowa County, slip through the pines and firs of the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest.

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Tuk photographed in Autumn - Northern Lights wolf center

Picture by Dr. Robert Berdan