I just read some awesome news!

In Artis Zoo in Amsterdam a white wolf had pups! I’ll post the article later. So exited!

And now the article as promised


May 22 2012
Lion cub and wolf cubs born in Artis

Lioness Ti-Cuna gave birth to a cub last week. Ti-Cuna still keeps her newborn away from the rest of the group but you can see the cub on a TV-screen. In addition to this, there have also been born wolf cubs in the Amsterdam zoo, who have been outside for the first time last weekend.

Video of the newborn white wolf cubs

The three wolf cubs a few moments after they were born
Artis Zoo Amsterdam

The three newborn Hudson Bay wolves
Artis Zoo

I am so exited about these newborn wolf cubs! I hope to see them soon.


The supergorgeous and cute European wolves I saw in Blijdorp Zoo Rotterdam

Going to bed
Sleep well!


Spot the wolf

Gorgeous, and sleepy, European wolves at Blijgaarde Zoo in Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

Guys, this one’s a bit harder lol

Spot the wolf

European wolves at Blijgaarde Zoo

They were so sleepy <3

Is this one of the members of the European wolfpack in Blijdorp Zoo?
Looks exactly like one of them! He also always gives this look